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Fire Walk is an ongoing collaborative project between Burcu Yagcioglu and Ulgen Semerci. It consists of two main parts; an artist book and a large scale immersive installation.

Women are advised to shout 'Fire!' instead of 'Help!' when faced with an assault. They say while only a few people respond to a call for help, the whole neighborhood rushes to aid in case of a fire. 

Fire, one of the most destructive forces of the climate crisis, also has a contagiousness that brings people together, not allowing bystander apathy. The book focuses on fire not only as an ecological agent but also an evolutionary one. On one hand, it explores the relationship of the first fires with vegetation; on the other, it focuses on the story of the ash and smoke. Fire Walk tracks fire, both as a colossal threat and a companion; drawing a subjective map with psychoanalytic, mythological and plastic aspects.


Fire Walk was edited by Deniz Kirkali, designed by Serra Sensoy and published by Asina Project with the support of the EU in 2022.

Burnout, ash and cinder, 2022

asina_books22_FW_8818 kopyası.jpg
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