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In Fog 

Icebergs and Wild Boars

in collaboration with Burcu Yagcioglu


In Fog was commissioned by Vehbi Koc Foundation for the American Hospital’s art gallery, Operation Room. The project appropriated icebergs and wild boars as two related entities, both in danger of extinction in the waters of the earth. In the narrative of the show, icebergs, the rapidly melting pieces that break free from the glaciers, and wild boar herds of Istanbul forests, who have been swimming through the Bosporus in an attempt to escape from the mass destruction of their habitat because of the construction of the 3rd bridge, became potent, floating, non-human actors, telling macro and micro effects of the Anthropocene. A low lying fog generated by a fog machine not only erased the floor of the gallery, but also the feet and ankles of the viewers, providing a sense of treacherousness. Being located in a hospital, a place for both healing and death, the project brings together a hint of catastrophic end with a desire for ongoingness.

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