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in dark and warmth


two-person project with Burcu Yagcioglu for

BAHAR, Sharjah Biennial 13, Istanbul

curated by Zeynep Oz
May 2017

In Dark and Warm employs the Abud Efendi Mansion and a giant potato growing within it as two symbiotic organisms. The first part of the installation consists of the potato, taking the mansion as its field, bulging out from the building’s windows and sprouting through its cracks. This intertwined structure invites the viewer to visualize the anatomies of both forms as one. The work creates the impression that the majority of the potato, which is made from inflated latex, is hidden within the fabric of the mansion. The second part of In Dark and Warm consists of collages and paintings and brings the visible and invisible aspects of the mansion and the potato together.In Dark and Warm explores the potato and the mansion as biological, mythological, documental and fictional beings and opens up their anatomies to dialogues and speculations.

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